Constructive Erosion Control


Download - Quick 1 page specifications for easy implementation into your designs. Includes Install, Maintenance, and Design Drawings.


Filtrexx Compost Erosion Control Blankets™ (CECBs™) are a slope stabilization, erosion control, and vegetation establishment practice used on hill slopes to stabilize bare, disturbed, or erodable soils on and around construction activities. CECBs™ are used for temporary and permanent slope erosion control and vegetation establishment applications. CECBs™ are surface applied to a depth of 1.5 to 2 in (35-50mm) or 200-270 cubic yards/ac (385-513 cubic m/ha), and normally applied to hill slopes with pneumatic blower trucks or similar equipment. Filtrexx CECB Support Practices, LockDown™ Netting and ProFloxx™, can be used to increase the stabilization and erosion control capabilities of CECBs™. LockDown™ Netting is a single net erosion control blanket stapled to the slope prior to application of the CECB™. ProFloxx™ is an allnatural flocculent that can be applied to the surface of the CECB™ to further reduce turbidity and suspended solids in runoff.


  • Roots can establish themselves
  • Complete vegation in two-three weeks
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