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Download - Quick 1 page specifications for easy implementation into your designs. Includes Install, Maintenance, and Design Drawings.


The Filtrexx FilterCell™ filtration system is a temporary or permanent water or storm water filtration system used to remove sediment and/or soluble pollutants from water or storm water. This land based system uses organic FilterMedia™ and vegetation to remove pollutants from water and storm water before being discharged into collection ponds, constructed wetlands, infiltration basins, fields, or receiving waters. This filtration system combines the benefits of organic matter, humus, vegetation, and proprietary flocculants to clean point and nonpoint water sources. Filtrexx flocculants can be used with customizable and easily maintained Filtrexx Filter Baffles™ to create a custom design to target specific pollutants in contaminated water and storm water flows.


  • Uses Filtrexx FilterMedia™
  • Erosion control tubes for sediment pond treatment
  • Constant flow handles large volumes
filtercell filtercell filtercell

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