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Download - Quick 1 page specifications for easy implementation into your designs. Includes Install, Maintenance, and Design Drawings.


GreenLoxx™ is a green alternative for retaining walls that offers higher aesthetic appeal than conventional block or concrete systems. GreenLoxx™ is a vegetated mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) system that is reinforced with vegetation and geotextile support to form a green wall that ‘locks’. The locking system is created by the integration of a geogrid, vegetation and a fascia made from Filtrexx FilterSoxx™ filled with Filtrexx GrowingMedia™. In the past, challenges in establishing vegetation have led to minimal use of greenwall systems. GreenLoxx™ relies on GrowingMedia™ to provide a fertile growing medium that encourages vegetation establishment and successfully assists in anchoring roots of the vegetation to the wall and the site substrate.


  • Uses Filtrexx FilterSoxx™ and Filtrexx GrowingMedia™Fascia
  • Vertical and near vertical applications
greenloxx greenloxx greenloxx

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